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Dental Implants in Indianapolis

The three most important reasons to replace your missing teeth with dental implants are 1) they preserve your jawbone, 2) they are more conservative, and 3) they do not decay.

This solution allows you to improve your chewing and your self- confidence with your smile without cutting down other remaining natural teeth. The evolution of implant dentistry has resulted in predictable results for people all over the world. Your relationship with specialists like us at Implant Dentistry and Periodontics will help assure a successful result through comprehensive diagnosis, planning, and utilization of progressive techniques and is the partnership you will need to avoid complications, failures, and sub-optimum results.

Dental Implants Indianapolis

Dental implants replace both a missing tooth and the root preserving your jawbone, protecting the health of remaining teeth, and are a conservative treatment option. Request an appointment today to discuss dental implants with Dr. Edwards.

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Dental implants are a replacement of both the tooth and the root. They are made out of high grade titanium. All manufacturers of dental implants are not the same. We at Implant Dentistry and Periodontics have taken the time and effort to clarify the differences between the implant companies. We pride ourselves in utilizing companies that are backed by research. You will often find that doctors placing dental implants do not have the proper training and/or use lower grades of titanium in the dental implants that they place.

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Dental Implants

“Dental implants are the most successful technique in dentistry today.”

- Dr. Michael Edwards

Dental implants are five times stronger than natural teeth. They also help prevent root canals on adjacent teeth by 20 percent when compared to other options like placing a bridge. Because they stand alone, or are sometimes bridged together, they also don’t wear down the other teeth like partial plates. Dr. Edwards uses dental implants to replace one tooth to patients, but often times to replace the entire arch of teeth. Our Indianapolis and Fishers practices can offer solutions that are fastened in, (i.e. Bar Attachment Denture link), or removable.

These solutions offer a tremendous lifestyle improvement for those struggling with bad teeth. There are ways to find solutions for many dental problems utilizing dental implants. These solutions can be affordable and worthwhile to your life. For a consultation on what dental implants can do for you, please click here.

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