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3 Tips for Finding the Best Periodontist

If you need dental care, you don’t want to see just anyone. Not all dentists are equally accomplished, and the last thing you want if you are already ailing is to sit through ineffective treatment. To find a periodontist you can trust, it’s helpful to ask these three questions.

  1. Does this periodontist offer the most advanced treatment options?
  2. Dentistry has taken huge strides in the last few decades, and treatments that were at the cutting edge of science even ten or twenty years ago may be outdated now. This is particularly true in periodontics. Traditional cut-and-stitch methods for treating receding or infected gums have been replaced by newer, more effective, and less painful options. Check to see whether the periodontist you are considering offers LANAP, a treatment which uses an FDA-approved soft tissue laser to remove infected gum tissue and encourage the gums to reattach to the teeth. Another advanced treatment is the Pinhole Surgical Technique, which allows for the repair of receding gums with only one tiny pinprick instead of several incisions. Because this procedure is so new, relatively few dentists have been trained in its use. Even if you don’t need that specific treatment, an ability to perform the newest procedures is a good indicator that a periodontist is keeping up to date with advancements in dental technology.

    Finding the Best Periodontist

    To get the most out of your periodontal care, make sure you are choosing a provider who fits your needs.

  3. What kind of reviews have they received from their patients?
  4. The internet is a powerful tool for disseminating information. Unless a periodontist has just opened their new practice, they will have had patients before you, many of whom will have shared their experiences online. Look for this periodontist on sites such as Yelp and Google Reviews. This will help you to spot the trends in the way they treat their patients. Armed with this information, you can ensure that a nice storefront won’t fool you into accepting inferior service.

  5. Are they board certified?
  6. While all periodontists have received training in addition to their original dentistry degree, board certification goes a step beyond even that. A periodontist who is board certified has furthered their education to the point that they have been recognized as an expert by their peers. This is an indication of a periodontist’s quality of work and their dedication to expanding their knowledge—excellent information to have when making your choice.

At Implant Dentistry and Periodontics, we want you to receive the best possible dental care. That’s why Dr. Edwards has dedicated himself to meeting all of these qualifications. Dr. Edwards’ constant pursuit of further education and his commitment to quality service have won him the trust and praise of both his patients and of other dentists. To see what makes Dr. Edwards Indiana’s premiere periodontist, make an appointment today.