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Have a Safe Holiday!

travel safe this holiday season.

Here at your Indianapolis periodontist office, we want to wish you a happy and safe holiday season. That’s why we put together a few tips to help keep your loved ones safe on the road and your teeth healthy and smile-ready!

Don’t Forget…

As you enjoy the get-togethers and parties, the reunions and sugary treats, don’t forget that you need to care for your mouth! With extra sugar plums dancing on our counters, it’s easy to be too relaxed on oral care. Make it a priority to brush and floss so your holidays aren’t interrupted with unexpected trips to the dentist.

Gums, Too!

Don’t forget your gums! As you brush and floss, make sure that your gum line gets some attention. It’s easy to forget, but that’s where the bulk of the bacteria will hide. Get that brush and floss up by the roots of those pearly whites and use a good mouth rinse!

(Double) Check Your Plans

No matter how carefully you’ve planned and reserved, do another checkup on your flight and other reservations. With all the social media platforms and travel websites, it’s easy to track flights and hotels to see if they’re full, getting hit with a storm, late, or overbooked. Most travel companies are conscious of the need to please, especially when circumstances are beyond our control (like weather), so be sure and check on re-booking policies. You can also follow your flight (or airport) on social media, making it easy to see if it’s on time, late, or covered in ice.

Be Prepared

Those boy scouts were onto something when they came up with their motto. It’s always a good idea to prepare for a dire situation, even if chances are slim that you’ll run into one. Make sure your devices are all charged up and you have snacks and water to last a little while. Also be sure to include jumper cables, gloves and a hat, and a first-aid kit in your car for emergencies.

Consider Your Transportation

Even though train travel isn’t always associated with the 21st century, it’s a viable option. It’s especially great on days when roads are crowded and/or icy. Train travel even allows for more baggage per person than an airline, so packing your gifts won’t be a problem. And if you’re still considering driving, no matter how excited you are to get to your destination, don’t drive into a storm. If you refuse to wait it out, please refer our tip above and be prepared.

If you have an emergency appointment this holiday season, please call us today! From your Fishers Periodontist, Happy Holidays!

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