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How to Choose a Periodontist in Indianapolis

binoculars and telescopeFinding an exceptional periodontist in your area is as important as finding an accomplished doctor. To find the best periodontist in Indianapolis, take the time to review multiple practices, and look for the following essential qualities which will guarantee that you get the highest level of dental care available.

Online Reviews

As you consider what periodontist in Indianapolis to visit, read online reviews, which can give you important insight into how the practice operates. How were other patients treated? And how happy are they with the results?

It’s important to look at multiple good and bad reviews to get the whole picture, which is where sites like Yelp or Google Reviews come in handy. Check out the overall score of the dentist, look for patients whose needs matched yours, and see what went wrong in any bad reviews.

Professional Memberships, Certifications, and Awards

Not only is it important to find a periodontist that patients have liked, but it is also important to find a periodontist that has earned the respect of professional colleagues. Look for a doctor that is actively engaged in professional communities and associations. Also, determine whether or not the potential doctor has important certifications, like a Board Certification. Finally, awards from professional associations can help you to be certain that the doctor you’re considering is a talented and knowledgeable professional.

Advanced Treatment Options  

Before you decide which office to visit, look for a practice that offers the most advanced treatment options. This will ensure that the treatment you receive is the best treatment available, and that your doctor is staying up to date on developments in the field. A doctor that is willing to continue learning, even after graduation, in order to offer the best treatment available to his or her patients is more likely to be the doctor that can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. For example, look for a periodontist in Fishers that offers LANAP as a treatment method for gum disease or the pinhole surgical technique to treat receding gum lines, as both of these are newer techniques that provide extremely effective results.

As you’re looking for periodontist to trust, we hope you’ll consider Dr. Edwards at Implant Dentistry and Periodontics. You’ll find as you learn more about him and his practice that we are dedicated to quality care. To learn more about what Dr. Edwards can do for you and your smile, contact us today.  

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