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LANAP in Indianapolis and Fishers

LANAP in indianapolis

What is LANAP?

LANAP stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, and it is a technique used to destroy bacteria in the gingival pocket with a small periodontal laser probe. When patients have gum disease, bacteria invades deep underneath the gum tissue, causing inflammation, infections, bone loss, and even tooth loss. By cleaning these pockets, it gives the gum tissue and the sockets the chance to heal, preserving the tooth. LANAP in Indianapolis is ideal for patients with moderate to severe gum disease.

Benefits of LANAP

LANAP is an incredibly effective treatment, capable of helping people to heal from even the most serious cases of gum disease. Here are some of the benefits of LANAP, and why your periodontist in Fishers might recommend the procedure:

  • Stitch-Free Procedure: Older techniques to resolve gum disease often included peeling back the gum tissue, making incisions around the tooth, and physically removing diseased portions of the gums. In addition to causing a significant amount of bleeding and being uncomfortable for the patient, older gum disease treatments also required plenty of sutures, which led to longer recovery times. Fortunately, LANAP is tolerated extremely well by patients and doesn’t require stitches, reducing the number of follow up visits and improving the experience for patients.
  • Preserves More Healthy Tissue: The laser used in LANAP emits a wavelength of light that is designed to be absorbed by melanin and blood cells, while shining through dental enamel and water. This means that diseased tissues are immediately destroyed, while the healthy bone and gum tissue remains unaffected. Preserving healthy tissue helps to improve your recovery and prevent other negative side effects, such as gum recession.
  • Fast Recovery Time: After LANAP, most patients experience only a mild amount of discomfort and swelling, and even these side effects don’t last for long. The results from LANAP are immediate and many patients report the procedure to be almost painless.
  • Great Results: LANAP improves periodontal health immediately, and helps to prevent infection. The same periodontal probe that is used to sanitize the gingival pockets can be used to create a blood clot that protects the sockets from new pathogens, preventing future problems. Following LANAP, the teeth and gum tissue are healthier and the results last for years.

What to Expect During LANAP

LANAP is typically completed over the course of two separate 2-hour long visits with your periodontist in Indianapolis. Before LANAP, the treatment area will be numbed carefully to improve your experience. After you are numb, your periodontist will start treating your gum disease by gently inserting the periodontal LANAP probe into your gingival pockets, and then moving it around the tooth. Next, a sonic scaling tool is used to clean the surface of the teeth, and then the LANAP tool is used to create a protective clot within the gingival pocket. After the procedure is complete, patients will need to eat a soft foods and liquid diet for three days to give the area the chance to heal.

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