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LANAP versus LAPIP: What’s the Difference?

Laser Dentistry conversationPeriodontal disease, or gum disease, is the result of infection in the gums. Many factors can contribute to the development of infection, including poor dental hygiene, dry mouth, smoking, genetic factors, and more. This disease can wear down the gums and jawbone until eventually, your teeth may fall out.

In the same way that periodontal disease can develop around natural teeth, peri-implantis is an infection in the gums surrounding dental implants. Both conditions can lead to swollen gums, severe discomfort, bleeding, tooth loss, and more. To treat these issues, Dr. Edwards at Implant Dentistry and Periodontics uses the advanced laser procedures LANAP and LAPIP.

LANAP: Treatment for gum disease around natural teeth

When gum disease develops around one’s natural teeth, LANAP can be used to eradicate bacteria and infected tissue and encourage the reconnection of gum tissue. In this procedure, a variable-pulsed laser emits 7 vibrations that all affect the gums in different ways. This treatment restores gum health without the need for surgery and stitches.

LAPIP: Treatment for gum disease around dental implants

In the LAPIP procedure, the goal is much the same: to remove bacteria and diseased tissue so the healthy tissue can regenerate. The major difference between LAPIP and LANAP is the way the gums and bone are connected to the teeth.

Benefits of Laser Treatments:

Our laser gum treatment in Indianapolis has been described as one of the best and has provided countless patients with healing benefits unlike any other procedure, including:

  • Relief of pain
  • Preservation of prior dental work
  • Protection of healthy tissue
  • Gum tissue regeneration
  • Minimal invasiveness
  • Fast healing times
  • Reduced risk of infection

If you’re suffering from the effects of gum disease, contact Dr. Edwards. We’ll help your gums back to health and protect your teeth–and implants!–from potential loss.

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