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Meet Yomi, the Dental Robot

Yomi, a dental implant assistant, can help procedures get even more accurate.In the last century, the world has become more and more automated. Robots have been a part of surgery for years. Recently, though, robots have become increasingly important when it comes to dental surgical procedures. Meet Yomi®, the FDA approved robot created by Neocis Inc that is changing the game when it comes to dental implants. Its designed to assist during the implant placement procedure while still ensuring that the dentist is in control of each task. While this robot isn’t available for wide use just yet, we are excited about it!

How does it work?

The robot is actually a guidance system for the dentist. It uses some of the same technology as a GPS system. Once Yomi gets a CT scan of the patient’s head, the software plans the procedural phases of the surgery. It uses the measurements of your head and face to help guide the dentist’s hand and tools as they drill and insert the implant. This helps ensure that your periodontist gets the correct depth and location with the drill.

Rest assured, though, the dentist remains in control, should they need to make any adjustments. This makes the procedural plans dynamic and flexible, leaving all control in the surgeon’s hands. The software helps the dentist know exactly where his or her tools are in relation to the patient’s face, including nerves and arteries. These features make Yomi a precision instrument that can help deliver excellent oral care.

We’re here to help

Your Indianapolis periodontist knows that dental implants are becoming the standard for helping patients with missing teeth. Almost 4 million are placed every year! We want to provide the best care possible to our patients. While Yomi is not yet common in dental offices, we want you to be informed. Please, feel free to ask questions about it and how we do our own dental implant procedures.

As always, keep up a good oral care routine and let us help you keep those pearly whites in good shape. Call our office for an appointment and get all your questions about dental implants in Indianapolis answered.

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