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Periodontal Disease: a Serious Threat to Your Health

How Periodontal Disease Affects Your Overall Health

When it comes to dental care, many people underestimate the dangers of poor oral hygiene. In addition to causing uncomfortable problems like visible cavities, yellow teeth, and gum recession, poor oral hygiene can also cause periodontal disease, a progressive condition that has been shown to have serious repercussions for your overall health.

Simply put, failure to brush and floss properly give the oral bacteria in your mouth the chance to spread and multiply rapidly. As these bacteria multiply, they emit acids that erode your dental enamel and toxins that can leach into your bloodstream, creating systemic inflammation. This inflammation has been shown to be especially damaging to the heart, causing problems like endocarditis, stroke, blood clots, heart attacks, and even heart disease. In fact, the same strains of oral bacteria found in your mouth have even been found inside the plaques that line your arteries.

Although numerous studies have linked periodontal disease to advanced cardiovascular illnesses, a recent study conducted by the Department of Periodontology at the University of Amsterdam found some very definitive proof that periodontal disease is, in fact, tied to serious heart conditions.

In the study, the medical records for over 60,000 individuals were evaluated. Of these patients, over 95% of people with periodontal disease were shown to have some form of advanced cardiovascular disease. Other recent studies have shown that people who have periodontal disease are two to three times more likely to develop serious heart conditions, which is why early detection and gum disease treatment in Indianapolis is so crucial for patients.

Treatments for Periodontal Disease

As a periodontist, Dr. Michael Edwards has received years of formal training outside of traditional dental school to master the art of detecting and treating periodontal disease. The entire team at Indy Implants is completely dedicated to helping each patient to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile—and reducing your risk of complications tied to gum disease.

Before you are treated for periodontal disease, Dr. Edwards will conduct a very careful oral exam. The purpose of this exam is to check the condition of your teeth, gum tissue, and bone tissue, so that Dr. Edwards can choose the proper course of treatment.

Gingivitis and early gum disease can usually be completely reversed with careful attention to oral hygiene routines. However, if the condition has already started to attack the underlying bone and connective tissue, advanced treatments like LANAP can be used to sanitize the gingival pockets and encourage healing.

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If you suspect that you suffer from any stage of gum disease, don’t hesitate to reach out to Implant Dentistry and Periodontics to make an appointment. Dr. Edwards is currently accepting new patients, and would love the chance to help you with your smile.

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