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Rejuvenate Your Receding Gums

Close-up portrait of an African American woman smiling over colored backgroundIf you are suffering from gum recession, Dr. Edwards has a groundbreaking procedure that fixes the problem and looks fantastic right away. Pinhole Surgical Technique or “Lunchtime Gum Graft” is an innovative procedure that is noninvasive, which means that there is no surgery, no cutting or stitches and has little to no pain. Dr. Edwards was the first physician in Indiana to be trained in the Pinhole Surgical Technique and has the most experience with this procedure.  

Receding gums can expose the root of the tooth causing pain, sensitivity and can eventually lead to tooth loss. The part of the tooth that is exposed is not as hard as the enamel on the rest of the tooth. This exposed part of the tooth allows cavities to develop and progress at a faster pace. Gum recession can also cause gaps or pockets between your teeth and your gums, which makes it easier for bacteria to build up and cause infections. Another painful result of gum recession is increased sensitivity. Pain may be felt with hot or cold drinks touch your exposed teeth and gums and even in colder weather. It can be hard to notice gum recession as it may happen over time. If you notice that your teeth are longer than usual you might have gum recession. There are several things that cause gum recession such as brushing too hard, periodontal disease, not using a soft bristle brush.

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation covers the metal that may be showing from crowns or bridges. It will thicken gum tissue, reduce sensitivity, prevent future gum loss, cover exposed roots and improve your smile. After a short procedure you will see the difference instantly and be able to recover with no downtime and very little to no pain!

Dr. Edwards will create a tiny hole in your gum using a needle. Special instruments are inserted through the hole to loosen and reposition your gums to cover the area of the teeth that was exposed. The pinhole will heal completely, in most people, within 24 hours. We are usually able to correct all your gums in one treatment, rather than one or two teeth at a time like traditional gum graft surgery. With this procedure there is less pain, less recovery time and instant results.

Contact us at Indy Implants today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Edwards and smile again with Pinhole Surgical Rejuvenation!


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