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Treating Gum Recession with Laser Periodontal Therapy

iStock_000017075835X compressedMany people are aware of the vast benefits of brushing teeth regularly. The teeth are kept strong and healthy by good oral hygiene practices and regular dental visits. But what many people might not be aware of is the great importance of caring for the gums. Good brushing and flossing help keep the gums strong and resistant to the build-up of damaging bacteria. At regular dental check-ups, the teeth are cleaned beneath the gum line, eliminating bacteria in places you can’t reach on your own.

When the gums aren’t cared for in this way, they can become infected and inflamed. If the infection progresses, it can lead to gum disease, which affects not only the gum tissue, but the bone supporting the teeth beneath the gums as well. Gum disease, or periodontitis, can have devastating effects on one’s quality of life. Its diagnosis can lead to mental and financial distress. Often, its correction can be complicated and expensive. However, Dr. Edwards is here to help! We are revolutionizing the way gum disease is treated.

Using the latest technology in laser periodontal therapy, Dr. Edwards offers a new, effective treatment for gum disease. Gone are the days when incisions and stitches were required to treat periodontitis. With the break-through LANAP procedure, you can be back to regular life in very little time. It is minimally invasive, and treats the gum tissue in a way that encourages the re-growth of your own natural tissue, so that you can heal the way your body was made to heal.

The LANAP laser is selective to the gum tissue that needs correction, so that no other tissues will be damaged during your procedure. The harmful bacteria are gently eliminated, leaving behind your own healthy bone and gum tissue. Without the need of sutures in order to heal, you will find that the recovery time is exceptionally fast.

If you are nervous about your visit, ask us about our sedation dentistry options. We can help you to feel calm and relaxed during your procedure, ensuring that you have a great experience and recovery!

When your regular dental care is no longer enough, come and visit us at Indy Implants. Dr. Edwards is a qualified periodontist who is fully experienced and accredited in the use of LANAP laser periodontal therapy. He can have your smile restored to its natural beauty in as little as two or three visits! Don’t wait any longer. Give us a call to schedule your consultation today and ask whether the LANAP procedure is right for you.

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