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The Ultimate Guide to Toothpaste

Good oral hygiene is crucial to almost every aspect of your health, if you take care of your teeth, they take care of you! With all the brands of toothpaste out there, it's hard to know which is best for you. With so many brands to choose from, it’s difficult to know what works best for you, your mouth, and your wallet!

Looking to Whiten Things Up?

White teeth never go out of style! If you find that your teeth are starting to show the stains of your daily cup of coffee, it’s time to upgrade to a whitening toothpaste! When purchasing, look for the active ingredient, “hydrogen peroxide.” Hydrogen peroxide works to remove stains and seriously whiten those chompers! Be sure to check and see if the toothpaste provides adequate enamel protection. Otherwise, you may just end up back in an Indianapolis dentist’s chair with a mouth full of cavities!

Don’t Be So Sensitive!

Say goodbye to sensitive teeth and gums and pick a toothpaste with a calcium based desensitizing product! Calcium-based toothpastes often provide immediate relief. Other potassium-based brands, like Sensodyne, can take as long as four weeks to begin working. Our Indianapolis periodontist recommends Elemex Sensitive Professional Toothpaste. It’s made with that calcium-based product, that can help with overly-sensitive gums and teeth.

Try Going Organic

It’s natural to be a little concerned about putting chemicals in your body! If you’re worried about your teeth, try using an organic toothpaste instead. Organic toothpastes are as effective as their un-organic counterparts. They lack a lot of those scary and unpronounceable chemicals. Dr. Bronmer’s All-One toothpaste has high ratings, and the FDA certified it as organic. Dr. Bronmer’s (and many other organic products like it) do not have fluoride in their ingredient make-up, so be sure to read the label if this concerns you!

What About my Kids?

Many kids under the age of two have great difficulty spitting out their toothpaste and fully rinsing their mouth out. Due to the potential risk of toothpaste ingestion, you should look for a fluoride-free brand for kids under the age of two. Tom’s Of Maine has a great kid friendly version of their fluoride free paste! When your kids are over the age of two, pick an approved brand of toothpaste with a fluoride component. A few favorites include, Aquafresh: Fresh N’ Fruity and Colgate Children’s 2 in 1.

Although picking a toothpaste is important, having a regular teeth and gum exam by one of the best periodontists in Indianapolis and Fishers is even more essential to dental health! Call Dr. Edwards’ office today at 317-218-9682 to schedule a checkup, and to discuss any questions you may have.

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