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What is Ridge Augmentation?

shutterstock_111927455If you are experiencing bone loss in your upper or lower jaw, it may be beneficial for you to discover whether ridge augmentation is right for you.

Bone Loss
What is bone loss? Bone loss is the degradation or break down of bone tissue. In a dental context, it refers to the bones which support the teeth, namely the mandible (or lower jaw) and maxilla (or upper jaw). Bone loss occurs for many reasons, including periodontal disease (also known as gum disease), the usage of dentures, genetic or developmental defects, injury or trauma. Whatever the reason, the lack of strong supporting bone tissue makes it difficult for teeth or implants to attach. This can result in an unattractive indent near the jaw line where there are missing teeth. Loss of bone density can be difficult to clean and maintain, leaving you at a higher risk for infection and further complications.

Ridge Augmentation
Ridge augmentation is a procedure which fortifies and stabilized the existing bone tissue. During this procedure, a local anesthetic is administered. The gums are gently cut and lifted away, revealing the area with the damaged bone. The defect is then filled with bone tissue, or synthetic bone substitute materials to rebuild and fill in the ridge. The incision is then closed and the gum tissue is sutured in place to allow healing to occur.
Once this procedure is performed, there is usually a period of about 12 months for bone tissue to develop before implants can be placed, but in some cases, implants can be placed at the same time that the ridge is modified.

Ridge augmentation improves both the appearance and strength of bone so that teeth can be restored to their full ability and beauty. With strong supporting bones, the teeth can once again be effective and attractive so that you can maintain your regular eating habits, and re-establish confidence in your uniquely beautiful smile. Don’t let bone loss prevent you from having the strong teeth and great smile you deserve. With this procedure, your overall quality of life can be greatly improved, as you enjoy the benefits of lasting professional dental care.

Dr. Edwards, in the Fishers and Indianapolis area specializes in many periodontal procedures, including ridge augmentation, and has the qualification and experience necessary to ensure that your bones and teeth are well taken care of. Our staff is confident that we can have you enjoying your strong, healthy teeth soon. Give us a call or request an appointment online today!

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