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Your Amazing Tongue

Learn more about your tongue.At Indy Implants, we like to educate our patients on their oral hygiene and how they can make good, healthy choices. We also want to educate our clients on more than just how to brush and floss their teeth. Oral hygiene involves gums, lips, tongues, and more. We all know that our tongues help us taste food and enjoy the wonders of eating. But, the tongue is also an important part of your mouth and keeping your teeth healthy. Tongues are amazing things that helps us taste and speak, but there are many facts about the amazing tongue that you might not realize.

Here are a Few Facts About Tongues that Might Surprise You

  1. It consists of eight different muscles

    Tongues are very flexible, and they can move and do a lot of work without getting sore.

  2. The Average Tongue Length is Actually Around 10 Centimeters

    This length includes from the inside to the tip of the tongue. There are some people that have abnormally long tongues, like world record holder for longest tongue, Nick Stoeberl.

  3. The Color of Your Tongue Can Say a Lot about Your Health

    Your tongue’s color can show your overall health. A healthy tongue is a nice, pink color. Infections and allergies can make it look red while fungal infections can cause white patches on the tongue.

  4. Your Taste Buds are Actually Invisible to the Eye

    You might think those small buds you see are your taste buds. Actually, those are papillae and are not taste buds but where the taste buds reside.

  5. Have You Heard That Certain Areas of Your Tongue Taste Different Things?

    This is actually not true. All areas can taste everything.

  6. Being Able to Twist Your Tongue is not Just a Genetic Factor

    Being able to roll or curl your tongue is not something that everyone can do. While many of us heard this is an inherited trait, genetic experts say that there is an environmental factor to this trait, also. It is not so cut and dried.

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