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Welcome to Implant Dentistry and Periodontics!

We congratulate you in taking this first step toward excellent dental health. Your smile is our top priority. We pledge to do our utmost to make your experience at our office as comfortable and pleasant as possible as you work with Dr. Edwards to better your periodontal health. All your surgical and administrative needs will be met as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Please don’t hesitate to call our office. We are happy to answer all your questions.

First Visit

What Will Happen On My First Visit?

Please assist us at the time of your initial visit to the office by providing the following information:

Please Note: All patients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the consultation appointment.

Please notify the office if you have a medical condition or concern prior to surgery (e.g. artificial heart valves or joints, heart murmurs requiring pre-medication, severe diabetes, or hypertension).

We will complete an in-depth medical and dental health history and a thorough examination to measure for bone loss, loose teeth, bite, oral cancer screening, TMJ, and other signs of periodontal disease.

First Visit

Insurance Benefit Information

We are happy to assist you in filing insurance claims and even file the necessary paperwork for you. While we recognize that it would be nice to not have any out of pocket expenses, most insurance will not pay 100% of all charges. We are able to check on-line for some insurance plans to see what is covered and at what percentages.

With thousands of different insurance policies, it is hard to predict exactly what portion the insurance policy will pay and what portion the patient will pay. If we have received all of your insurance information on the day of the appointment, we will be happy to file your claim for you. We encourage you to be familiar with your insurance benefits, as we will collect from you the estimated amount insurance is not expected to pay.

Please understand that we file dental insurance as a courtesy to our patients. We technically do not have a contract with your insurance company, only you do. We are not responsible for how your insurance company handles its claims or for what benefits they pay on a claim.

We can only assist you in estimating your portion of the cost of treatment. You are responsible for any balance on your account.

We offer a variety of payment options to meet your individual needs. Our treatment plans, cost assessments, and financial arrangements will be made according to your unique situation and what is comfortable for you.

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Financial Arrangements

Every patient’s needs are different; therefore our treatment plans, cost assessments and financial arrangements are highly individualized. For your benefit and peace of mind, no treatment will begin until payment arrangements have been made which are comfortable for you and fit within your budget. For your convenience, we offer a variety of payment options. Our financial coordinator will help find pricing options that are well-suited for your individual needs.


The office of Michael Edwards is openMonday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.We will schedule your appointment as promptly as possible. Please allow approximately 90 minutes for your initial visit. If you have pain or an emergency situation, every attempt will be made to see you that day.

We try to stay on schedule to minimize waiting at the time of your appointment. Referral of emergency patients can cause delays to the schedule, and your understanding and patience are very much appreciated. We make all reasonable efforts to respect your time and be on schedule as much as possible. In that regard, we always appreciate it when a patient arrives on time or a few minutes prior to their appointment. For your convenience, directions to our office are included on this site.

Please call us at 888-884-2072 to schedule an appointment

Meet Dr. Edwards

Meet Dr. Edwards

“Destiny and natural selection made me a periodontist,” laughs Dr. Michael Edwards when asked about his career choice. “I always wanted to work in a medical field, and own my own practice. My attention to detail and persistence made me the perfect candidate for my specialty.”

Dr. Edwards attended Indiana University, with a double major in biology and chemistry that laid the foundation for his attendance at the university’s School of Dentistry. He achieved his DDS and his MDS in Periodontics before immersing himself in specialty certifications.

“I envision my practice as one where patients who have been turned away elsewhere or told they cannot be helped can come and find solutions,” says Dr. Edwards. “I focus on forming a team to help each patient, which includes myself, my staff, any other doctors who can help – and the patient themselves. Together we can achieve oral health goals and create lasting smiles.”

When he isn’t changing patients’ lives one appointment at a time, Dr. Edwards can be found at home with his wife, Michelle, and their three children, out on the golf course, or fishing on the lake. “It’s the perfect balance of work and family life,” he says. “We’re living the dream, and I get to fulfill other people’s dreams. I couldn’t ask for more.”

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New Patients

“We use a team approach. The patient’s health and cosmetics are at the forefront of our joint decision making."

- Dr. Michael Edwards