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Laser Gum Disease Treatment

Lasers have long been used in a variety of industries to innovate technologies including dental procedures. Periodontal surgery is one of the most invasive dental procedures. It requires patients to ensure long healing times and at-home care. Laser periodontal surgery is one of the newest ways to treat patients with gum disease. Our periodontist in Indianapolis can determine if you are a candidate for laser gum disease treatment.

What is LANAP?

The FDA-cleared laser treatment is known as LANAP. It provides a less painful treatment to conventional periodontal surgery. If you are seeking a specialist providing LANAP in Fishers, it is important to not only search for one with credibility, but to find one with experience. LANAP is the only proven research method resulting in true periodontal regeneration. It allows for new bone growth and gum reattachment to the teeth.

How Does it Work?

LANAP uses PerioLase MVP-7, a free-running, variable pulsed laser. The 7 pulse durations allows the periodontist to target many tissue concerns within the mouth. The results? Patients no longer need to endure long, painful surgeries to treat infection. Instead, the periodontist will be able to target the infection in the gums or bone and treat it. This reduces the healing time, and most patients are back to their normal routine within a few hours or a day.

The LANAP=LAR treatment is one of the most successful methods to treat gum disease. It targets the source of inflammation without hurting healthy gum tissue. The body can then use its natural healing ability to recover from the infection. The accelerated healing time also strengthens the area and prevents more concerns.

Laser Periodontal Therapy Indianapolis

Laser periodontal therapy uses advanced methods to remove bacteria from underneath your gums. The laser kills periodontal pathogens by relaxing the gum tissue, reaching the deepest pockets for a thorough cleaning and promotion of healing. Call us to see if this is the right treatment for you.

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Understanding Periodontal Disease

There are many reasons why patients can need gum disease treatment in Indianapolis. Most patients in need of treatment are in their 30s and 40s, though it can happen to anyone dealing with chronic infections, illness, and other health conditions. Some of the most common reasons for periodontal disease include:

It is important to work with your dental provider during routine examinations and cleanings to ensure you are doing all you can to prevent periodontal disease. If you don't it will only make it worse until you need invasive treatments to reduce the damage. A periodontist in Fishers will be able to identify the stage of gum disease you are dealing with, and determine the best possible treatment.



Other Common Gum Disease Treatments in Indianapolis & Fishers

Before lasers, patients needed to endure scaling and root planing, a non-surgical method to clean the teeth and their roots. While this treatment may not be painful for some, it can be irritating to the gums and causes them to bleed. But, the treatment successfully removes bacteria and plaque from the gums and teeth.

Periodontists often use gum flap surgery in the past. It's an invasive treatment that can be painful for patients. Gum flap surgery involves cutting away infected gum tissue and deep cleaning to the roots underneath. The gums are then stitched back together where the healing process starts.

LANAP Laser Periodontal Procedures

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Laser Periodontal Therapy

Highly effective. Less invasive. Learn how our laser technology can heal your unhealthy gums.

Why Use Lasers?

Now that LANAP in Indianapolis is available, patients can use this treatment for gum disease. If you don't treat the condition early on, you could be dealing with teeth that start to fall out and infection in the jaw bone, which could compromise the jaw and cause it to shrink. Go here to learn more about gum disease risk factors.

Using lasers, providers are able to target only the infected tissue, making the procedure and healing time faster. Your periodontist removes the infected tissue and cleans around the tooth and root, decreasing the risk of additional infection. The dentist will then smooth the area, and then seal it with the laser. The treatment allows for the body to start generating healthy gum tissue as your periodontist removes the gum tissue.

Unlike traditional gum disease treatment methods, LANAP does not need general anesthetic. The procedure itself is less invasive, and it is much faster from traditional gum disease surgeries. Patients find less bleeding, pain and swelling as the laser is not as invasive as traditional surgeries.

Like any procedure, there are always risks to consider. It is important to discuss your health with your periodontist in Fishers to determine if laser gum disease treatment is right for you. The cost of laser gum disease treatment is based on your insurance provider and the extent of work needed. If you need periodontal disease treatment and want to reduce pain, bleeding, sensitivity, swelling, and gum loss, contact our Indianapolis and Fishers dental offices today!