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At Indy Implants, we know that our patients are busy. We do our best to offer high-quality dental procedures and to also offer options that can fit into our patients’ schedules. As an Indianapolis implant dentist, we offer an efficient, effective implant procedure that is colloquially known as “teeth in a day.”

“Teeth in a Day” is an efficient way to receive a full-array of dental implants in one day.

In this day and age, we are all busy running from place to place. Most of us have many things on our plate. We might have work, family responsibilities, daily chores, and everything else we have to get done in a day. On top of that, we all need relaxation and some time with friends to feel happy and healthy. With so much to do, it’s not wonder we live in a world that values efficiency and getting tasks down in a timely manner.

Teeth-in-a-day Indianapolis

Teeth-in-a-Day is a cost effective solution for replacing missing teeth. It includes a full dental bridge supported by dental implants. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Edwards, one of the best periodontists in Indianapolis, to see if this is the right solution for you.

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Most people are not going to want to take days and many appointments to get a dental procedure done if they don’t have to. This is why many patients find receiving a full arch of dental implants in one day a great choice. This is one option for getting this procedure done and it is called “teeth in a day.” The ability to perform this procedure in one day has been a positive development in the field of dental implants. “Teeth in a day” has helped many patients who have lost or are soon to lose their teeth, even all of their teeth, on either their lower or upper jaw.

This procedure is also a great option for patients who have busy schedules and have a hard time fitting dental appointments into their schedules. If you need dental implants in Indianapolis and have been unsure how you could fit multiple appointments into your schedule, this option could be the one for you. While you will still have to do some pre-consultations beforehand, this whole process is much faster and involves less time and appointments than other methods of full-range dental implants.

How does the process and procedure work?

This step-by-step guide goes through how the “teeth in a day” process works, the benefits of the process, and what this procedure has to offer.

  1. Visit the Dentist

    At Indy Implants, our front desk staff are happy to help you make an appointment for a consultation that works for you. You will then get a consultation and an evaluation of your teeth. We will check to see how healthy your gums are as well as the density of your jaw bone. Each case is different, and we will determine how periodontal disease or bone density problems can be fixed if necessary. This is to ensure that the patient has a high chance of success before the implant process begins.

  2. Diagnostics and Planning Tasks

    You will receive a CAT scan or some other imaging process to determine more information about your individual mouth, jaw, and ability to successfully receive the procedure. From this information, we will determine how to place the implants in your jaw and how to best give you the care you need.

  3. Set a Date

    If you were referred to us by your general dentist, we will evaluate to ensure the procedure would be safe and smart for you to receive. We will also work with your general dentist to give you the best care possible.

  4. Take Impressions of Your Teeth

    The restorations we make from these impressions will look and function like your natural teeth. Another benefit to this procedures is that there is no palate for upper dentures meaning the taste buds will not be covered.

  5. Surgery

    On this day, the “teeth in a day” procedure will take place. If necessary, any remaining teeth will be extracted if they have not been already.

Then, the implants will be placed in your jaw. The implant process has many steps. We will of course walk you through the specifics of the procedure before the appointment and through the whole process, and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

After the implants are placed, the dental restorations/overdentures will be placed. A temporary set of overdentures will be put onto the implants during this appointment, also. At the end of this process, you will have a set of new teeth. This whole placement process is done in one day, and you will walk out with a new, strong smile! At a later date, a permanent set of overdentures will be placed.

Advantages and Realities of the "Teeth in a Day" Procedure

It is important to note that while the “teeth in a day” procedure is quick, which is an advantage for many patients, the planning process is important and does require some time as well as coordination between many experts. The planning process is important to ensure that every patient who receives this treatment gets individualized care. Also, this process must happen so that each candidate is prepared to receive the implants and have those implants work and be administered safely.

It is also important to remember that not every patient is guaranteed to be eligible for this procedure. Each case will be evaluated and discussed to determine if the procedure is safe and the best option for each individual patient.

Our team at Indy Implants will listen to your individual needs and concerns through every step of this process, as well as offer post-surgery instructions. We believe it is important to educate our patients on the work we do and to make them an active part of their oral hygiene.

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