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Patient Reviews


“I had gum grafts done and was very happy with the results. I expected a much more painful experience and was very pleasantly surprised by the little discomfort I experienced”

— Mary S.

“Dr. Edwards and his staff are great!! They made the whole gum grafting procedure stress free and easy. They worked with my schedule and made follow up visits easy. I can’t say enough about their care and compassion. They are all wonderful!!! I didn’t have dental insurance to cover this, and they were able to work with me on the cost”

— Kelly P.

“My daughter had a gum graft done to her lower front 2 teeth. Dr. Edwards was very knowledgeable and made her feel very comfortable with the entire procedure. Erin, his assistant, was also very nice and relieved a lot of anxiety for my daughter. Dana was extremely helpful with the insurance end of things and made sure that the pre-determination with our insurance company was completed so we knew exactly what our out-of-pocket costs would be. I would definitely recommend Dr. Edwards and his staff to anyone considering a procedure that would be done by a periodontist”

— Audrey J.

“Everyone in the office was great. Very nice and professional. Dr. Edwards did a great job and I was very happy with the results. Great professional service and five star customer service”

— Rich R.

“I would definitely recommend Dr. Edwards to friends and family. His entire office staff is great and very comforting and welcoming. The kind of work I had done could have been very stressful but they made it calmer. Due to my low platelet count Dr. Edwards worked with my primary care physician and I was able to have a platelet transfusion which eliminated excessive bleeding. I received numerous e-mails and phone calls from staff prior and after surgery to ensure everything was running smoothly. I would not hesitate to use Dr. Edwards in the future if needed”

— Susan C.

“I had a gum graft done and then had the piece of skin that connects lip to gum cut. I was very anxious about the whole ordeal, but he made me feel very comfortable and after the initial numbing had no pain during the procedure. He was very friendly and made me feel important. We also had some insurance issues, but Dana was great about getting it all together and helping us out”

— Janella T.

“I was very pleased and satisfied. Outstanding service, would recommend to anyone!”

— Oliver J.

“I have needed to get my teeth lengthened for awhile and hadn’t done it because I was afraid of the pain and down time I might experience. I finally decided to get it done because I need veneers and didn’t want to keep my “small” teeth. My dentist recommended Dr. Edwards and I made an appointment. Dana was more than helpful through the whole experience. The entire staff are all wonderful and caring people. I first had to get a frenectomy and it was completely pain free (even the shots). A month later I had the crown lengthening procedure which required a lot of time and manual effort for Dr. Edwards. The only pain I experienced was a couple of shots in the roof of my mouth. I took Advil for two days just in case and never experienced any pain at all. I am so happy with the service I received and the outcome. Now I’m looking forward to my veneers later this year with my dentist. I would highly recommend Dr. Edwards.”

— Ramona S.

I had a tissue graft surgery for receding gums. I was very nervous about the procedure before meeting Dr. Edwards. He is very professional and put my worries at ease. The procedure wasn’t as bad as I had expected and was a success. The staff is friendly and helpful. They answered all of my questions with clear explanations. I would recommend Dr. Edwards to others.

— Erica K.

Treatment – gum recession. Very successful treatment. Great all around experience. Thank you Dr. Edwards and staff.

— Lisa M.

I had an implant that included a bone graft. Dr. Edwards patiently explained the procedure. There wasn’t one painful moment. I plan to get more implants in the future. I would definitely recommend Dr. Edwards.

— Phyllis L.

I had a gum tissue grafting completed on 6 of my bottom teeth to eliminate the severe sensitivity I experienced upon eating cold, hot, and sweet foods and beverages. I seemed to heal very quickly, the pain was minimal if any at all, and I was back to eating a regular diet in a couple of days. After the recovery process, I was definitely able to tell a complete difference in how my gums felt before and after the surgery. I no longer have sensitivity to cold liquids, hot liquids, or sugary foods and do not have any hesitations now to anything I put in my mouth. The office staff is wonderful. Dr. Edwards and his assistants, as well as the front office staff, are genuinely kind, helpful, and show how much they care about their patients. They answer every question I had, whether it be addressing the anxiety I was feeling before the surgery, or how long my recovery process would take and if the surgery would make a difference. I would highly recommend Dr. Edwards and his dental practice to anyone. I had a great experience.

— Bailey C.

I was very pleased with Dr. Edward’s work. He did an amazing job of setting my expectations and delivering as promised. He is very knowledgeable and caring. I would see him again and recommend him to friends/family. I found his chair-side manners to be above and beyond my previous experiences. He obviously enjoys what he does and cares about his patients.

— Johnnie P.

Dr. Edwards performed a revision of a failed implant. Mine was a complicated case, involving infection of soft tissue and bone surrounding the old implant and failure of the initial re-graft to harden properly. Throughout Dr. Edwards was watchful of potential complications and quick to identify and negate them. Through each of the stages of treatment, pain and inflammation were negligible. The implant revision was a complete success. Without reservation, I would return to Dr. Edwards for another implant and recommend him to family and friends.

— Steve M.

Dr. Edwards performed gum surgery on my entire lower teeth area consisting of a soft tissue graft on the lower front teeth and alloderm (donated tissue) on the two lower side teeth. This procedure was performed all at the same time. The results have been very successful and my sensitivity and recession are gone. The procedure went much better than expected as there was little pain and the recovery went very fast. The pre and post medication prescribed by Dr. Edwards worked great. Overall, I was very pleased with the results and work performed by Dr. Edwards and appreciate his concern for my well being, attention to procedures and very good detail work. I am happy the procedure was done at one time. Dana did a great job on the insurance filings which is a major task as with many filings. She inquired with the insurance company numerous times in helping to establish benefit determination. She is very willing to help with requests and inquiries about the process.

— Mark K.

I had a bone graft done due to an infection under the gum, and had signs of peridontal disease. A year later – my teeth and gums are perfectly healthy. Not only did Dr. Edwards do a great job, but everyone in his office was extremely personable, helpful, and just a pleasure to be around. I would highly recommend to anyone.

— Sue B.

Great Experience. Scaling and Root planing was painless during and after. Thorough evaluation and complete understanding of all that I needed and all expenses. My mouth is now in great shape and I have all the information I need to take care of my dental hygiene. I would highly recommend this doctor and this facility to anyone.

— Catherine D.

I had sliding gum grafts done in 2 places for a total of 5 teeth. I was dreading the procedure and had been told by friends that it is very painful. I shared this w/ Dr. Edwards and he assured me that the procedure and recovery would not be painful at all. He was right! There was no pain at all. I had discomfort during healing, but no pain. Both Dr. Edwards and the staff answered all of my questions and gave me a thorough explanation of the procedure and what to expect during recovery. After viewing my before and after photos I was amazed at the results. It was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend Dr. Edwards.

— BJ M.

Dr. Edwards is excellent in every way. Great “bed-side manner”. He gave us all the time and attention we needed to describe the procedure and costs. During the procedure he was very reassuring. He personally called to follow up later that day. During my final visit, he gave a great summary of how the healing was progressing. The Treatment Assistants and Front Desk staff were also terrific. Helpful with tips and reminders. Very encouraging and kind. Their availability was also reassuring. Highest recommendation from me.

— Scott S.

This was my first visit to any periodonist. Dr Edwards and his entire staff were very professional. I felt like I was with family and very relaxed during all of my visits. I was most impressed when Dr. Edwards personally called me at home to check on me after implanting the dental implant.

— Mike S.

He’s is very professional and very nice. He explained things very well. He is patient with me, and seems to care about my mouth and me. I particularly liked how he and Dr. Phelps worked together.

— Judy H.

My experience wit Dr. Edwards was outstanding. He performed two grafts. I was very pleased with his explanation of the procedure, treatment during and care following. I found Dr. Edwards to be very professional and skilled. Outstanding overall experience. I appreciated the communication immediately following the procedure – Dr. Edwards as well as his staff called me to check on my status. I really feel as if they care about me and my success.

— Scott F.

I had a gum-tissue graft. Although the process was scary for me, Dr. Edwards and his staff were very kind, patient, and accommodating. I really appreciate the Dr. calling the same night to check on me. I was really surprised that I didn’t feel as much pain as I thought I would. The treatment was expensive, but was covered by insurance. Would certainly recommend him to others.

— Kelly H.

I have received excellent care and treatment from Dr Edwards. He listened to my concerns and I have healed nicely from the procedure.

— Lori B.