All on 4 Dental Implants Reviews

All on 4 Dental Implants Reviews
All on 4 dental implants have been a successful restoration solution for over a decade. In those 10 plus years they have provided an over 98 % success rate. There are more positives than negatives when considering this treatment option. Let us first describe the All on 4 dental implants. Next, we will summarize some online reviews to help you in addressing questions about the initial process, the actual procedure, and the benefits for you.
What is an All on 4 Dental Implant?
When you lose a tooth, it is important that you fill that gap. A dental implant has become the new gold standard in tooth replacement solutions. It is the process of surgically placing a small titanium post into your jawbone to literally function as an artificial root. After the post has fused or grown into the jawbone a porcelain crown is affixed on the top of the post. The post, now acting like a natural root, makes this restoration both natural and extraordinarily strong and stable. If you have lost all teeth in either arch your options have been traditional dentures or a dental implant for every tooth. The dental industry has now developed the process where four implant posts will secure and stabilize an acrylic-like tray that holds your artificial crowns.
Years of Bad Teeth
Many reviews took this approach. Some people just do not have good teeth. Patients have written about unsuccessful root canals, dental bridges failing, individual dental implants, and many other attempts. The decision to choose All on 4 dental implants has yielded successful results. An innovative solution that ends their struggles with unnecessary dental trauma.
Yes, there is Pain and Discomfort
The surgical placement procedure for the four posts is expected to take 2. 5 to 3 hours. It can vary based on the condition of your soft tissue and your jawbone. Some reviews have stated various levels of pain or discomfort with their procedure and the healing period. Pain and discomfort are quite relative based on personal and relative survival mechanism. Anesthesia will be use. The sensation will be different for you.
I wanted my Smile back
This is a frequent positive review. The All on 4 dental implants restores a healthy and beautiful smile to every patient that wrote about this benefit. A wonderful benefit to share.
Holy Cow! I can chew again!
Some reviews referred mentioning different food groups that they found themselves enjoying again after dealing with traditional dentures or other inadequate restorations. The list included a steak, ribs, and even a pizza. Several comments were even regarding the exciting cold sensation they now felt with ice cream.
Do Your Research
When it comes to reviews for an All on 4 Dental Implant solution you will find many online. Take your time. Start with your family dentist and request a referral. Contact that office and request references. Then go online to see if there are reviews posted for this office. You can easily find just as many negative reviews as positive ones. It is a very personalized solution that benefits from quality customer service. Qualify your situation and consider several opinions. If your All on 4 Dental implants meet your expectation, you will be adding another positive review.