Average Cost for LANAP Treatment

Average Cost for LANAP Treatment?

When periodontal disease is allowed to progress without proper treatment, it causes persistent inflammation in the oral tissues, leading to bone loss in the jaw, the loss of attachment in the gums and connective ligaments, and the eventual loss of the teeth. These are just some of the symptoms of untreated periodontitis, but the good news is that there are multiple treatment options for advanced periodontitis that help restore the tissues to health. These treatments range in cost, depending on the level of damage to the oral tissues and the type of treatment required. One of the more successful treatment choices is LANAP, a non-invasive laser treatment that prompts the efficient growth of new, healthy gum tissue and, in some cases, the underlying bone. The LANAP procedure relies on a specialized laser that uses pulses of highly focused laser light to remove diseased tissue and invasive bacteria without compromising the surrounding areas of healthy tissue, which means the tissues remain intact; there’s no need for surgical incisions or sutures, making healing time far shorter, more comfortable, and more effective. As the tissue heals, it forms new attachments with the teeth and surrounding tissue, stimulated by this laser-assisted new attachment procedure, or LANAP.

LANAP treatment can be expensive, though the consistent superior results and shorter, less painful recovery time provide enough of a benefit for many patients. With more invasive periodontal treatments that involve surgery, it may be necessary to treat smaller areas of the mouth at a time, and some gum surgeries require multiple different procedures, especially when tissue grafts are harvested from the patient’s own mouth. These additional treatments compound the overall treatment times, recovery times, and costs associated with such procedures. A LANAP treatment will range in cost from about $2,000 to $8,000, depending primarily upon the amount of treatment required. Dentists and dental specialists who use LANAP in their practices are specially trained to effectively use these advanced tools to treat periodontal disease, and this additional training and advanced technologies come at a cost but deliver optimal benefits across the board, including considerably less disruption in the life of the patient.

While most LANAP treatments are performed on patients with periodontitis, the procedure is also used when there is infection in the tissues that surround a dental implant and can often restore these tissues in only one or two treatments. The specialized LANAP laser offers seven different laser pulse durations, allowing for perfectly focused interaction with only the infected, damaged tissues and maintaining the integrity of remaining healthy tissues. Using LANAP technology, dentists can treat an entire mouth of damaged tissues in one session that shouldn’t last more than a few hours. Because the treatment is non-invasive, many patients can resume entirely normal activities within a day after treatment. With traditional treatments for periodontitis or dental implant infection, treatment and recovery takes several weeks. During this time of vulnerability as they heal, the sutured oral tissues are more susceptible to bacteria and infection, and the likelihood of recurring gum disease can increase for this reason. This isn’t the case with LANAP treatment. While it might take a couple of days before you can thoroughly brush and floss normally after LANAP, the likelihood of periodontal disease recurring is far lower following this non-invasive procedure that helps stimulate and encourage the growth of healthy tissue and restore the oral cavity to health.