Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost

Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost
The cost of Dental Implants is dependent on the patient, the materials, and the scope of required implants. Whereas a single Dental Implant can cost somewhere around 2000 dollars, a full set will probably be at least 13,000, with more charges for surgery, or added materials. Dental Implants are an amazing improvement for patients with missing teeth, though. You should consider whether or not Dental Implants are right for you, and then discuss coverage options with your insurance, and other financial availabilities.

What are Dental Implants?
Dental Implants are synthetic teeth that are anchored into your jaw. In the case of full mouth Dental Implants, they are a row or two rows of teeth which are anchored into the patient’s mouth to replace their teeth. Full mouth dental implants can be crafted of beautiful tooth-like material that is stronger than your original teeth. They are easy to clean, long-lasting, and allow you all the joys of everyday life you may have missed since tooth loss.

What are the costs of missing Teeth?
Living with missing teeth, especially entire rows of teeth, has huge impacts on your health.
* Diet- You cannot eat or enjoy the food you love, or the healthy foods you should be enjoying.
* Self-Esteem- Patients with missing teeth express problems with self confidence. Not feeling good about yourself or allowing yourself to smile can lead to depression, anxiety, and mental health issues.
* TMJ and Craniofacial disorders- Managing your life with missing teeth for too long can have adverse effects on your jaw and facial structure. Chewing and mashing your food with uneven bite force can take its toll on your jaw. In advanced cases, this jaw compromising can affect craniofacial structure.
* Pain- Infections and dental decay hurt, and the soft tissue of your gums can become more inflamed or painful when trying to eat.
* Infections- Having so much surface area of your gums exposed makes you more prone to infections or disease, or decomposition of tissue. It was likely one of these that caused your original tooth loss.

All of these are symptomatic of living with severe tooth loss, and all carry their own hefty price tag. Consider this when you are weighing your options. Paying a monthly cost for a set of beautiful new teeth may be the most prudent financial decision, as compared to paying out of pocket for one of these issues.

How can you get Full Mouth Dental Implants
Discuss your options with your dental care provider. Tell them you would like to be considered for Dental Implants, and you would like a comprehensive consultation. Your dentist should take recent x-rays to gauge your jaw and bone density. In your consultations you can request more detailed pricing breakdowns, and then work something out with your insurance for coverage. Consider reaching out to your primary health care provider as well, as implants are often considered elective surgery. It also does not hurt to reach out to a benefits coordinator or HR representative at work to discuss HSA or FSA usage.