How Long Does an Implant Supported Bridge Last

How Long Does an Implant Supported Bridge Last?
When you lose a tooth, if untreated it will lead to further tooth loss. A bridge is a dental replacement device which fills the gap of missing teeth in a row. Bridges are traditionally anchored to healthy tooth structure on either side of the missing teeth. This keeps the spacing of the teeth in control, and stops otherwise healthy teeth from becoming loose or moving inside your mouth. Implant supported bridges circumvent the need for other teeth, and allow the bridge to be anchored directly into your mouth; just like your original teeth. Implant procedures actually strengthen the gums and can have huge positive impact on your overall dental health. An Implant supported bridge, with proper care, can last the lifetime of a patient.

How do you get an Implant Supported Bridge?
Begin by speaking with your dental care professional. You will need an up to date and comprehensive examination. X rays are advised, as your health care provider will need to estimate the current health of your jaw and gums. Be prepared to discuss any history of disease or infection, this will help to give you a clearer expectation for recovery time.

The Implant Process
A bridge is traditionally attached on either side to a healthy tooth. Implant supported bridges are attached to implant. This is helpful in the event that there are no other teeth to anchor to, or when a tooth has already been replaced. The implant anchor will be inserted into the jaw. Over a period of time, the tissues in your bones will become stimulated and grow–accepting the implant. This process is known as osseointegration, and you can think of it as a jump start to your jaw and gum health.

What are the benefits of an Implant Supported Bridges?
Implant supported bridges are conducive to jaw and gum healthy. A traditional bridge protects the spacing between teeth, and helps to cover entryways into the gums from harmful bacteria. Implant supported bridges stimulate growth within the osteoplasts and tissues of your jaw, creating a developing area to build your new smile. The bridge material can be selected by you and the materials are plentiful. Many implant materials are stronger than original teeth and last a lifetime.

How long do Implant Supported Bridges last?
Implant supported bridges, when cared for properly, can last your entire lifetime. The average lifespan of a dental implant is anywhere between 10-25 years. The variety of materials and procedures makes this number flexible. However, an Implant made of Zirconia essentially has no expiration date. Anytime you have an issue with your implant, you would simply make an appointment with your dentist and have it fixed, or potentially have an adjustment made. Implant supported bridges will still need to be cared for like any other teeth.

How to care for Implant Supported Bridges?
Be sure to speak with your hygienist and maintain regular checkups throughout the life of your implant. Go in for regular cleanings and examinations, and watch for any early signs of infection. Redness, puffiness, sensitivity, bleeding, or discharge are prime warning signs. Be sure to brush, floss, and use mouthwash regularly, and gently brush your gums with special attention near the implant supports.