Teeth in a Day Cost

Teeth in a Day Cost
Lack of teeth is a problem that affects personal, family and professional life. Currently, the use of removable prosthetics (commonly known as dentures or plates) is no longer the preferred option for patients, because they are uncomfortable. Dental implants are a cutting-edge treatment for missing teeth.
The placement of conventional fixed prostheses used to be a complex and time-consuming process. Teeth in a Day, or immediate loading implants, an advanced implantology technique, has simplified the placement of fixed prostheses, because patients can leave the clinic with a new smile on the same day.
What is Teeth in a Day?
Teeth in a day is the most appropriate solution for a severe problem of missing teeth (edentulism). It consists of placing 4 implants in each jaw, which will support a temporary fixed prosthesis. This way, patients are left with a functional and aesthetically beautiful prosthesis on the day of the surgical intervention.
Treatment phases
In the first phase, a rigorous evaluation consultation is necessary, taking into account the patient’s medical history, to understand the extent of the problem and adopt the best procedures during treatment. This assessment is based on diagnostic exams, such as dental CT and 3D images. This way, it is possible to design the entire rehabilitation on the computer.
The second phase consists of surgery, carried out with local anesthesia, where 4 dental implants are placed in each jaw. It lasts a maximum of 2 hours. Meanwhile, a temporary fixed prosthesis is constructed and placed over the implants. The results are immediately visible.
The provisional prosthesis is used for 4 to 6 months, during the osseointegration process. This process consists of joining the bone to the implanted titanium piece. When this is complete, the definitive fixed prosthesis is then placed.
In a final phase, follow-up consultations are necessary, where the results are monitored. Remember that it is essential to perform correct and frequent oral hygiene.
Which patients can undergo Teeth in a Day treatment?
Teeth in a day treatment is indicated for adults who have a several missing teeth. This procedure takes advantage of the person’s maxillary bone structure, without resorting to a bone graft, which is why it is recommended for those suffering from severe bone atrophy.
Advantages of Teeth in a Day
* Faster treatment, you get a new smile in 1 day
* Less invasive
* Simpler surgery, as there is no bone graft
* Quick and uncomplicated recovery (wounds, inflammations)
* Gains self-esteem and recovers chewing and speech function
Teeth in a day is generally a bit more expensive than traditional implants, with the average case costing around $20,000. This could be more of less expensive depending on your case, but that is a good number to start. Things which will have an impact on your cost will be if you need any other procedures before, during, or after your teeth in a day treatment.
If you are worried about your smile and the cost to rehabilitate it, we encourage you to talk to your dentist, as many dental offices have plans for financing your work. These could be payment plans directly with the office or could be in the form of CareCredit or other healthcare financing options. There is also the possibility of getting a personal loan to finance your new teeth.
The cost of the Teeth in Day, while it can be substantial, represents an investment in your oral health, your ability to smile and to speak and chew your food and is worth speaking with your dentist about.