Teeth in a Day Procedure

Teeth in a Day Procedure
If you have considered implants before, but don’t want to wait up to 6 months or more to rehabilitate your smile, you might ask your dentist about options for Teeth in a Day (also called immediate loading) implants. In recent years, technological advances have revolutionized the world of dentistry. Teeth in a day consist of crowns or temporary bridges that are fixed to the Implant immediately after placement. The prostheses used in immediate loading are provisional and after 6 months an evaluation is carried out so that they can be replaced with permanent ones as long as the implants are healing and taking root in your jawbone.
How does the Teeth in a Day process work?
As in all dental treatments, the first step consists of the initial assessment – a careful clinical examination is carried out, considering all clinical aspects that may interfere with the treatments – together with the carrying out complementary exams (x-rays and computed tomography), and collecting the necessary data to obtain a correct diagnosis that will enable adequate case planning.
Surgery preparation consultation
This consultation may be necessary to carry out a test, collect any additional data necessary to make the prosthesis or for pre-surgical oral hygiene.
Surgery (tooth extraction and placement of dental implants)
The surgery is similar to conventional protocols – it is performed under local anesthesia and in a sterile clinical environment. Under favorable clinical conditions, the removal of one or more teeth and the placement of implants can be done immediately, in a single consultation. This “joining” of steps allows for no only a shorter treatment time (fewer consultations) as well as providing greater comfort for the patient as they undergo a single surgical phase and, consequently, will only have one post-operative period.
Placement of fixed teeth (temporary prosthesis)
After placing the dental implants and, once they have good primary stability, impressions are taken and promptly sent to the laboratory in order to finalize the creation of the temporary prosthesis. This is then placed, leaving the patient with fixed teeth up to 24 hours after the placement surgery and throughout the period of osseointegration (healing) of the dental implants.
In the first 15 days, chewing care must be doubled. A more liquid diet based on soups, juices and shakes should be used. After this period of healing of the soft tissues, the transition is made to a soft diet with the introduction of purees, pasta, meat crushed meat, fish fillets, avoiding crunchy foods such as dried fruits. Oral hygiene must be meticulous, and the introduction of dental floss for implants and water jet/irrigator is important as hygiene aids.
Permanent prosthesis placement
After a few months of healing, new impressions are made, and the aesthetic and functional planning of the final rehabilitation begins.
If you are missing teeth, it might seem like rehabilitating you smile will take too long and be too expensive. However, we encourage you to speak with your dentist because they will have solutions for your smile that could be ready in as little as one day with Teeth in a Day!