Teeth in a Day vs. Traditional Implants

Teeth in a Day vs. Traditional Implants
Who has never dreamed of solving dental problems quickly and efficiently? Especially if you are missing teeth, you might be in quite a hurry to rehabilitate your smile! If you’ve heard about traditional dental implants, you know that the process can take months before you have a new tooth. But there is a revolutionary technique that allows you to have a replacement tooth almost immediately! This is known as Teeth in a Day, or immediate load implants.
The lack of teeth affects phonetics, chewing, the positions of your remaining teeth, facial aesthetics, and overall comfort, in addition to having negative psychological and social consequences, which can have repercussions on individuals’ personal and professional lives. If you are missing teeth, no doubt you are in a hurry to fix your smile.
There are several factors that can contribute to tooth loss – extensive tooth decay, uncontrolled periodontal disease, trauma, among others. However, there are several rehabilitation options to overcome missing teeth, including the placement of dental implants. Dental implants are considered the “gold standard” for replacing missing teeth on patients who are found healthy enough to have them placed.
Dental Implant Treatment
Replacing lost teeth using dental implants is now a simple, quick reality and increasingly sought after by patients due to all the advantages it has – support, retention, stability, security and comfort – as well as its high success rates, longevity and predictability.
Due to the excellent results achieved in the process of integrating implants into the bone, researchers have driven the evolution of its application with the aim of optimizing increasingly complex rehabilitations.
The concept of immediate loading (known as Teeth in a Day) arises as a reflection of the continuous revolutionary development of dental implant technology and respective protocols that allow for fixed and rapid rehabilitation of edentulous (toothless) spaces.
Teeth in a Day
Unlike the standard approach that was carried out a few years ago – which consisted of surgery to place dental implants and waiting for a period of 6 months for integration to occur of the implant in the bone – currently, the solution Teeth in a day allows rehabilitation with dental implants and the placement of teeth on the implants in the same day, without compromising the success of long-term treatment, which allows patients a better quality of life. In traditional dentistry, after the placement of a dental implant, the bone is expected to integrate with the implant before the artificial tooth is placed — a process that can take weeks to months. However, with the teeth in a day technique, this wait is drastically reduced as the artificial tooth is placed almost immediately after the implant is inserted. This solution is very interesting for people with removable dentures or who require total rehabilitation of the upper and/or lower jaw.
It is important to remember the need for maintenance appointments, at least twice a year, for correct cleaning of the prosthesis and vigorous control of the implants and gingival tissues.
Both treatments, immediate or conventional loading protocol, can be performed successfully despite different techniques and indications.
It is therefore up to the dentist and patient to choose the technique to be used that best suits the success of oral rehabilitation.