What are Implant Supported Bridges Made of

What are Implant Supported Bridges Made of?
Implant supported bridges are an ideal replacement option for those of us who have lost multiple teeth in a row, especially when the teeth remaining are not deeply rooted or secure. Replacement teeth options have come a long way, and more often than not the materials you are choosing for your implant are stronger than your original teeth ever where.

What makes an Implant Supported Bridge Special?
An implant supported bridge can spark life back into the cells in your gums and jaw that may have caused your tooth loss. Implant procedures begin with an examination and review of your health history. Then, a dental anchor is placed into your jaw through your gums. This anchor finds purchase within your jaw bone and actually reactivates tissues called osteoplasts, which signal your bones to grow. The gums and bone wrap around the implant and fuse it into a support structure–an anchor to hitch replacement teeth. The process is called osseointegration and it is fascinating, the science supports your smile.

How many teeth are replaced with an implant supported bridge? How many implant anchors are required?
This is a question for your dental care professional. The average implant supported bridge replaces 3-4 teeth using 1-2 implants. However, the severity of your dental decay, the methods of your provider, and your history of dental health all play a factor. In the event you need all your teeth replaced, there is an implant supported option available.

How long does it take?
After the implant is placed into the jaw, osseointegration takes somewhere between a month and 6 months. You will want to sustain frequent checkups and evaluations so a professional can gauge your recovery process. Once the anchor is secure, the attaching of the bridge is relatively quick and painless, usually an short inpatient procedure.

What are Dental Implants Made of?

The dental implant crowns, or restorations, are made of high quality composite ceramics, porcelain, metal or combinations thereof. You can opt for Porcelain fused to Metal restorations, to provide durability with great sheen. You can use ceramic materials with tooth like appearances, like Zirconia, to get the best of both worlds in one. The options you choose are between you and your dentist, because the rest of us won’t be able to tell either way.

The Implant anchor is usually made from a near indestructible material, like titanium, to ensure they are secure.

There is a piece called an abutment which can help to secure the implant, this is often made of a high quality metal or porcelain. This piece creates a connection between the implant and the anchor, usually in the form of a screw.

Care for your implants properly, with hygiene and regular cleanings, and they may outlast you. Zirconia crowns have been known to last 25+ years, and with recent developments there is no telling how much greater the expectancy has grown.

If you are interested in Implant Supported Bridges, reach out to your dental care professional today and begin the process.