Pinhole Surgical Technique

Do you think you have gum recession? Check to see if your gums are creeping away from your teeth. Its causes come from nighttime teeth grinding, aggressive brushing, certain medication, and even genetics. Gum recession can be a very uncomfortable problem to have. Although it is possible for gum tissue to grow back, healing usually doesn’t keep up with the cause of the damage. This could lead to an ever-receding gum line. Fortunately, modern dental procedures like the Pinhole Surgical Technique, performed by an Indianapolis periodontist, can help. Here is more information about pinhole surgery, and why gum recession is so serious.

The Problem With Gum Recession

Gum tissue is important for several reasons. Its main responsibility is creating a flexible support system to hold your teeth in place. When recession damages the structure, the teeth can become loose and fall out.

Gum tissue also seals out bacteria and food particles. It keeps pathogens from invading the deeper tissues of your mouth. Recessed gums allow bacteria to colonize deeper into the gum tissue and closer to the jaw. The extra bacteria contributes to periodontal disease. Since periodontal disease sparks an inflammatory response in the gum tissue, gum recession and gum disease work hand in hand to destroy your smile.

Gum recession exposes the dental roots are also more prone to decay since they aren’t covered with a layer of hard, protective dental enamel. This puts them at a higher risk for developing painful dental decay and infections. Also, since dental roots are yellow, gum recession gives your smile an aged, unattractive look.